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Protecting You - And Your Rights as a Consumer or Worker - Addressing Fraud and Corrupt Workplace Ethics with Class Action

Consumer Fraud - Why Class Action?

Our firm is concerned when companies lie in order to sell their product, or market products that harm large numbers of people. For example, in the case of an air-cleaner product that polluted the air, people with lung disease got sicker and kids with asthma got worse. In the case of a so-called sugar-free yogurt diet product that contained sugar, consequences impacted diabetics and dieters both. And what of a company that lies about its waste practices, which tragically impact all neighboring families?

Maybe something like this has happened to you. Maybe you haven't done anything about it because the product you purchased cost only $1.80. It may not be enough to even motivate you to call the grocer where you purchased the product. Maybe now's the time to take action.

Allan A. Sigel, of counsel to the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., will take the time on your behalf to address through class action the misleading claim or product liability. On behalf of you and the hundreds, or thousands, of others who have also been similarly cheated with varying ill effects, Attorney Sigel may file a class action to make that company stop its practices and to recompense you and others who have been similarly harmed. Contact Westwood Village Lawyer Allan A. Sigel at 310.824.0467.

We speak on behalf of consumers who don't have the time or resources to do so, in these areas:

  • Product liability, misleading advertising or labeling
  • Misleading product claims
  • Unfair or deceptive sales practices
  • Drug liabilities
  • Deceptive pricing
  • Credit card interest rates
  • Auto accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • And more.

Employment Practices

When you enter into a work agreement with an employer, you expect to work an agreed-upon number of hours in a safe workplace. But did you know that some major multibillion dollar corporations sometimes fail to pay their workers overtime? Class actions are intended to correct these types of wrongs. Many employees fear speaking up about unfair employment practices for fear of retaliation, such as being fired, or isolated. Attorney Sigel will review with you to determine if you have a class action claim. Acting on behalf of the class may entitle you to additional compensation.

Attorney Sigel knows consumer and workers' rights. If determined that you have been wronged, and you choose to pursue a class action, this LA-based lawyer will vigorously proceed on both your behalf and on behalf of the class in these areas:

Wage and hour claims:

  • Misclassification of employees
  • Overtime and breaks
  • Family medical leave issues

Deduction from pay claims:

  • Uniform charges
  • Customer cancellation of services
  • Non-reimbursement for expenses incurred
  • And more.
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