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When You Face Discrimination Because of a Disability

Federal and California state laws and regulations protect people with disabilities from being discriminated against by an employer because of a disability. If you are disabled within the meaning of California law, you have important rights that we can help you protect and defend.

At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., in Los Angeles, we represent the victims of disability discrimination, helping them hold employers accountable for violations of the law. We work as a team with our clients to help you achieve desired results.

Taking Action Against Disability Discrimination

Under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), a person claiming he or she has been discriminated against because of a disability must prove that he or she has a disability as defined under the law. You must show that you have a disability that limits one or more of your daily life activities. A disability may be a stress condition, an impairment of one of the senses, a mental disability, a bad back, a heart condition, loss of a limb, being wheelchair bound or another condition.

You must also show that your employer knew about the disability. Often a doctor's note or an e-mail to the employer disclosing the disability is good proof of this. Next, you must show that the employer discriminated against you because of your disability. Disability discrimination can take on many forms. Your employer may have wronged you by refusing to hire you because of your disability, refused to promote you, refused to accommodate your disability, retaliate against you because you asked for an accommodation for your disability or terminated you because of your disability.

Unemployment is rising. In these difficult times, employers are looking for excuses so they can to terminate employees with disabilities who may cost the employer more because of the requirement of accommodating a disability. If you have been fired, your employer may make up false reasons for the termination — like performance issues — when the cost of accommodating a disability was really the issue. At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we conduct a thorough investigation to find the real reasons for your employer's actions.

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