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In today's environment, most people are spending a significant part of their lives at their job, which then becomes part of their identity. As a result, losing a job, or being forced out of a job, can be a devastating blow, emotionally as well as financially. When you have had an adverse employment action taken against you due to an illegal reason such as discrimination based on race, age, gender, religion, family leave, pregnancy or whistleblower claims, you need someone who understands the frustration and anger that is felt. At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we have the compassion, experience, skill and knowledge that can help you seek redress against your employer.

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The California Legislature has enacted the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to provide employees protection from harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. Some of the different types of employment discrimination that are recognized and prohibited under the FEHA are:

  • Disability discrimination: Under the FEHA, a disability can be a physical disability or a mental disability. You might have been terminated because of your disability, refused a reasonable accommodation because of your disability, or discriminated against because of your disability. See our page on disability discrimination for more information. Protect your rights.
  • Racial discrimination: The FEHA prohibits employers from discriminating against job applicants and employees on the basis of race, whether in hiring, pay, promotion, benefits, or termination. Employers must also act on behalf of employees who are being harassed because of their race by other employees. If you believe you have been the victim of racial discrimination, contact us for a free consultation.
  • Age discrimination: While older persons generally contribute more experience, knowledge and competency to the workplace, some employers discriminate against them, by replacing them with younger employees, or treating younger employees more favorably. As a result, you may have been wrongfully terminated, demoted or suspended for an illegal reason — your age. If you believe this is the case, contact the law firm of Robertson + Lum for a free consultation.
  • Gender discrimination: Discrimination based on your gender still remains prevalent in the workplace. For example, an employer may discriminate against female employees by not paying them overtime wages when the employer pays the male employees overtime wages for performing the same job functions. If you believe your rights have been violated, contact us for a free consultation.
  • Pregnancy discrimination: Women often face hard decisions, but they should not have to choose between their jobs and their families. Pregnant women often face illegal pressures and discrimination at work. However, it is illegal under the FEHA to discriminate based on pregnancy. We believe pregnancy discrimination should not force you out of the workplace, so we fight hard to protect your rights. Contact us to discuss your rights.
  • Religious discrimination: The First Amendment provides Americans two freedoms with respect to religion: the right to be free from a government-imposed religion, and a right to practice any religion. The FEHA protects those rights that employers may have violated. If you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of religion, contact the law firm of Robertson + Lum for a free consultation.

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