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In these tough economic times, more and more employers are cutting back. Workers — especially highly-paid employees — are being laid off.

If your employment has been terminated and you have been offered a severance agreement, talking about it with a lawyer before accepting or rejecting it is a smart decision. At the Los Angeles Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we advise you on your rights and options by helping you review and negotiate severance agreements. Working with an attorney during negotiating for the agreement can improve your chances of obtaining a larger settlement in the severance negotiations.

Should I Accept My Employer's Severance Package?

Deciding whether or not to accept a severance agreement can be complicated. In California, employers have no obligation to provide severance pay to their employees, but they often do so to avoid potential litigation. In exchange for benefits and pay, they often ask employees to give up their right to sue over matters like employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we understand that people who turn to us need the services of a lawyer because they often face difficult decisions. Clients come first and our focus is on helping you when you need it most. We can work with you to develop the best strategic approach for your situation.

We also help people with concerns related to employment contracts and related matters, like non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

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